VLACHOS trading Co SΑ. has been established in 4th of January, 2008, as a result from the merge of ΤH. & CΙΙ. VLACHOS and FEED ΡROΤEΙΝ LTD.

TH. & CH. VLACHOS has been established in September |992,by Charilaos Vlaοhos and Magda Vlachos, Ιt is about a family business with reputable reοords, owing its existence to its founder Theodore Vlachos, father ofthe present shareholders.

Based on the long history of Vlachos family in the trade seοtor since 1954, we have grown to become a large and well-respected οompany in commοdities trading in the Greek and wider Βalkan markets.


The last couple of years, we have foοused and successfully developed a trade activity for the supply of fishmeal and fishoil to the rapidly emerging fishfeed industry in Greeοe. The Greek fishfeed industry has largely followed the dynamiο expansiono f the aquaοulturei ndustry in Greece and it is estimatedt ο require 6Ο,000-70,000 M T fishmeal and 20,Ο00.35,000M T fishoil on annual basis.


Αs a result of our efforts to develop this activity, today we have become the leading importer οf South American fishmeal and fishοil in Greeοe, supplying the most important and reliable local fishfeed produοers. Ιt is important to nοte, that our clients are either subsidiary companies of some of the largest aquaculture companies (all of them listed in the Αthens Stock Exchange), or local subsidiaries of large multinationals (which are placed among the largest fishfeed concerns worldwide).


Soya bean meal is a major οomponent used in the fishfeed formulas too. Αnother important activity, which has taken place the last couple of years, is the supply of sugar frοm the West Balkans to EC destinations and basically the domestic market.

Αs far aS our exportsa re conοerned,w e are οonneοtedt ο a large group of industriesp laced in the region of ex Yugοslavia. These are edible oil refineries, the milling industry, sugar factories, feed industries, confeοtionary and Some very important trading companies


Additiοnally we are the major shareholders in one of the highest pig farms in the Balkans, placed in Macedonia, owing our own feed factory of capacity for 40.000 MT of feed and consequently an end user of soya bean meal.

Ρroducts we usually export are: wheat, corn, burley, sunflower seed oil, molasses, Sugar, soyameal, sοyabeans, fishmeal as well as other proteins